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28th October 2009

blackvelvetmag2:11pm: The new issue of Black Velvet has a 2 page interview with Hardcore Superstar (ADDE). More info is at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com

The issue also includes interviews with Steel Panther, Alice Cooper's Keri Kelli, and other cool bands/musicians.

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28th June 2008


Blurry photo of HCSS in Göteborg in March , is anyone going to see them at Liseberg again in september ?

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2nd January 2007

missy_b5:08pm: New Hardcore Superstar interview in Bubblegum Slut zine #25
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Issue 25 of the UK’s finest, and only fake-fur covered (!), glam/sleaze/rock/trash zine
Bubblegum Slut is out now and features a new interview with Hardcore Superstar’s
Thomas Silver, along with 64 pages of these goodies... Collapse )

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15th September 2006

whiteriotkitten3:32pm: Hi there, I just joined this community and it seems pretty quiet so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Andrea, 26 and I live in Scotland. I've only recently got into Hardcore Superstar. I'm a huge Backyard Babies fan so my friend lent me some Hardcore Superstar albums as she thought I might like them. And I did! My favourite album is Thank you (For Letting Us Be Ourselves). I'm now going to see them in Glasgow on 23rd October which I'm really looking forward to.

Anyway, yeah, I just thought I'd say Hi.

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29th September 2005

rockorlando15:34pm: Hardcore Superstar on Myspace

Just wanted to let everyone know that Hardcore Superstar is on MySpace so if you have a MySpace account you should add them as a friend.


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6th June 2005

neonkick2:17pm: NEW ALBUM ON THE WAY!!!
I'm new here, but I thought you might all like to now about the new album!!!

the website is working again so go check it out!!

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20th March 2005

her69eyes1:20am: Hey guys -

I just joined this community, and it looks pretty dead. Anyway, to strike up some conversation...

What got you into the band? What is your favorite album?

I, shamefully, used to be a big Bam Margera fan. His website used to list some CD's he likes, so I decided to download some songs from those bands. One of those CD's was Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves), and I loved it. I recently purchased that same album to complete my collection, and it is my favorite. Cost me like 60 bucks on Amazon too, that definetly hurt my wallet. How about you guys?

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9th February 2005

blaag8:44pm: hehe i did a search on livejournal about a year and a half ago and only like 4 people had ever heard of them, now finally there is a hardcore superstar community. all i can say is well done! theyre one of the greatest bands EVER and deserve to be a thousand time bigger than they are now!

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4th February 2005

zerobulletpoet3:07am: From the moderator:
There are no members as of yet, but there will be soon. If you choose to join, fabulous! Spread the word to your fellow Hardcore Superstar fans. Let's get this community going!
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